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Tantra Pujas, Sacred Loving Trainings
 on the Big Island of Hawaii, and Maui

with Amara Karuna

    Tantric practice is a powerful way to explore our creative energy potential and expand beyond usual limits to a new level of consciousness. It is an invitation to gain confidence in opening in sacred love to others, and a greater ability to experience ecstasy in all dimensions of life. This work focuses on deep heart attunement, emotional safety and respect, with more emphasis on intimacy than on sexuality.

    Tantra groups offer an initiation into the path of Tantra, open to couples and singles. Come with a friend or beloved, or be willing to make new friendships.  The content is especially adapted to welcome newcomers with a respect for the individuality of each person. Also people with experience in Tantra will find this a powerful deepening.
     These practices can help to let go of our tensions and to experience peace, silence and the presence of our Being.

These events are available to be offered on request-
see the complete list at www.karuna-sacredloving.com:
please contact Amara via the Contact Us form.

Opening Into Intimacy- Connections Tantra Puja

with Amara Karuna 

 (2.5 hours, $15-25 sliding scale)


You are invited to join us in celebrating the Light inside ourselves and each other.  We will create a safe space for deep connection, respectful sensuality, creative movement, play and touch.


        You will connect with friends of both genders in a series of guided rituals that encourage you to be fully present as you share touch, eye contact, breathing, singing, toning, massage, meaningful conversation, etc.

        We will not focus on a gender bias this time, so we will not need to gender balance.  People of all sexual preferences are welcome. 


        Please come dressed up in your finest attire to help you step into your own inner regal Divine self, as a God or Goddess, or both!  

We appreciate you arriving a little early, bathed and sober.  Also bring pillows or fold out pads, or back chairs.


Pre-registration required. For more information and directions, contact Amara at 982-6755 or reply to this email amara@mindspring.com


                 Sacred Pampering Puja
Do you love to receive massage, cuddling, and loving compassionate listening from others?
And would you also enjoy giving others this kind of relaxing, safe enjoyment, in a way that invokes your own inner priest or priestess? Come enjoy being honored as the Divine Being that you are while generally being pampered.
 We can do a lot to help each other feel happy and nurtured in this sensual, yet non-sexual event.
Our pampering practices will be massage, compassionate listening as they share whatever is in their heart, cuddles or cradling as the receiver wishes, head pampering (hair brushing, head or face massage, eye gazing) as the receiver wishes, contact improv dancing to lovely music. and sensory meditations as the person lays blindfolded.
Please bring some finger food like cut up fruit, nuts, crackers, chocolate.  Please bring a hairbrush for yourself if you want your hair brushed, and a blindfold.
Limited Space!  Pre-registration required. 2.5 hrs  $20- 30 sliding scale. 


Secrets of Your Erotic Body
 The  Anatomy and Energy of Arousal
(workshop for women and men)
Reclaim your pride and enjoyment of your own sexual organs. Come learn some amazing facts, Taoist breathing and energy practices for sexual health, and bring your questions and experiences to share.
We will explore:
*Pelvic Breathing & stretching- Bringing aliveness to the pelvic area for more health and extending sexual pleasure
* Exploring our own experiences and attitudes toward our sexual areas
* The amazing and complex structure of our genital organs
* Taoist reflexology zones hidden in them, used for health and vitality
* The electrical and magnetic poles of the erotic body, and how to use them in lovemaking
*Pulling up energy through the microcosmic orbit, to balance excess heat in the genitals or the head.
*How to circulate sexual energy with a partner
4 hours
$30 - 60 per person, or $50- 100 per couple sliding scale


Amara offers individual sessions of body centered counseling, Heartbeat Nurturing, and tantric instruction for couples.  She does not offer sensual massage.  Contact her here.

Coming from off the island? 
    We can arrange for lodging for you, of various levels of simplicity to luxury.  Let us know if you are interested in camping out (for $20 per night), staying on someone's couch, enjoying a cabin at our permaculture farm near Pahoa ($50 per night includes healthy food), or having a room in a resort or cottage (usually costs around $60-100 per night).   If enough people want to rent a room, we can rent an entire house.  A rental car is recommended, or we can do an airport pick up in Hilo for an additional $30.