Join us for Paradise Afterglow camp! 


Laakea community will offer an extended experience of Winter Camp

by adding 3 additional days of fun and connection!

 A relaxing sensual, connective time, 

reserved only for people who attend the first camp

and want to deepen the experience,

extend our time together, and explore nature!

Paradise Afterglow camp extension will be held at Laakea, and have a focus on relaxation, sensuality and play. This time will help us continue to deepen our connections to each other and with nature.  Explore the many amazing and unusual natural features of our area! 

We will play on the nearby black sand beach which survived the recent lava flow, visit the local farmers market and enjoy the live Hawaiian music.

 Enjoy our wood fired hot tub and explore the nearby new volcanic features!

We'll have mornings and evenings to enjoy connective classes led by staff, and camper offerings, and continue doing daily forums.  


Staff for Paradise Afterglow

Tracy Matfin, Amara Karuna, Ray Adastra, Gwenn Cody, Crystal Dawn Morris and More!

Workshops and Events

Awesome Experiences at Afterglow!
 Heart Centered Tantra Puja
with Ray Adastra

We will create a safe space for deep connection, respectful sensuality, creative movement, play and touch.

        You will connect with friends of both genders in a series of guided rituals that encourage you to be fully present as you share touch, eye contact, breathing, singing, toning, massage, meaningful conversation, etc.  Tantric practice is a powerful way to explore our creative energy potential and expand beyond usual limits to a new level of consciousness. It is an invitation to gain confidence in opening in sacred love to others, and a greater ability to experience ecstasy in all dimensions of life. This work focuses on deep heart attunement, emotional safety and respect, with emphasis on presence and intimacy.

Loving the Lingam

Magical Moves for Male Pleasure


Yumming the Yoni

Magical Moves for Female Pleasure

with Amara Karuna and Ray Adastra

Come learn some little known facts, Taoist breathing and energy practices for sexual health.  

Learn the special secret spots, and wonderful hand strokes that can take them into new spaces of bliss!

Bring your questions and experiences to share in our lively discussion period.
Open Sessions- What do you want to lead?
Open Sessions are an opportunity for campers to convene dialogue groups on topics they've been wanting to explore, or create group massages, or do a music jam together.

Visit to Uncle Robert's Local Farmers Market-

Fun, food, music
 We all journey to the famous Kehena Black Sand beach! Weather permitting

Snuggle Song

Music night, sing-alongs and oxytocin!

Co-created! Bring your loving peaceful sing along songs and instruments.