Workshop Topics include:

Early Morning Yoga and Meditation, 
The Forum, 
Intro to New Culture, Safety and Intimacy, 
Principles of Cooperative Community, 
Love Pods,
Panel and Salon: Polyamory, Jealousy, Sharing.
Is Community for You? 
NeoTantra Ceremonies,  
Authentic Relating Games,
Ecstatic Dance,
The Pros and Cons of Community Lifestyle, 
Heartshare Connection Processes, 
Speaking with Compassion: Introduction to Compassionate Communication, 
Navigating Emotions: Intro to Peer Counseling, 
Snuggle Meditations, 
Tour of La'akea's Sacred Light, 
Living off the Grid- Solar Systems,
Introduction to Permaculture Principles

Covid Care Agreements

Pre-event Safety Agreements Summary.  Refer to the Health and Safety Protocols for more details.

We will be taking many steps to insure all of our safety, including:

*requiring a period of you moving in a relatively tight bubble at least 5 days beforehand, (with the exception of the travel to get here):

*refraining from risky practices such as going to large events with people you are not familiar with, 

*practicing social distancing when around others for the week before the event, 

*avoiding anyone who is sick, 

*We may do a rapid testing of everyone the day the event starts at the site, depending on the current situation.  

*If you have any symptoms of illness, please do not come to the camp.  If you need to cancel in the 7 days before the event because of becoming ill, we will refund you all of your money if we can fill your spot, or half the money if we can't.

We all want to feel safe to explore and connect with each other! We know people have different beliefs around COVID and being safe with it, and we ask you to please abide by these guidelines to protect the organizers and other attendees.



We provide: Yummy food, unisex outdoor showers, composting outhouse toilets, full days of exciting programs, experiential workshops and activities. Clothing is optional throughout most areas of camp. The meeting spaces are a cozy indoor classroom and a large open air pavilion. The food throughout the event will be tasty organic island fare, fresh from our gardens and orchards, as much as possible.

Accommodations include tarp covered camping (bring your own gear) or a dorm bed upstairs in our Main House (bring your bedding, unless you wish to rent some from us), or a bed in our outdoor quonset hut tent large dorm. 
If you would like a more roomy and private option, you can rent a Quanset hut, which is a large walk in rounded tent cabin, which houses 2 to 4 people on single and double beds, for an additional cost. 

We have 6 cabins which can be rented onsite.   An offsite option of a private room in a nearby vacation rental is also a possibility.

Community Service: Everyone contributes some hours of Karma Yoga service to help camp run smoothly. This can include helping with the cooking or cleaning in the kitchen, tidying shared spaces, etc. Performing Karma Yoga service offers the opportunity to bond more deeply with each other as we share in the joy of co-creating community and making camp happen.

Participatory Music: All music-making is encouraged & greatly appreciated. Bring your instruments, voices, and talents. Be the live music & let's celebrate you! There will be a quiet time curfew of around 9 pm, because of our neighbors. This just means no really loud stuff after that, singing and playing guitar is fine.

Safe Container: It is essential that everyone attend Orientation which begins the first. evening. This puts us all on the same page with our group agreements.

No Drop In Attendance: everyone who attends camp will be there for the entire camp, (unless they need to leave early), with the exception of workshop leaders in some cases.

Local Participants: If you live in the area and wish to sleep at your own home, you may have a discount on the total camp fee. If you want to provide your own food each day, you may have an additional discount. Everyone staying at La'akea will participate in the group meals, because we have limited facilities for you to store and prepare food.

Early Departure: If you can't stay for the entire time, Hawaii Camp can still be a powerfully transformational experience. We understand if you need to leave early, and appreciate the time that you shared with us.

Before and After Stays: It may be possible to stay a few days after Camp. If you want to stay at La'akea before the camp, the fee is $60 per person per day, including food, for a dorm or camping spot.  More fees apply for cabins and huts.

We are open to visitors in the week before camp.  

Airport Pickups: We can provide pick ups from the Hilo airport, which is 1/2 hour away from the site, for $50 for one person or $30 per person if more than one. This provides a benefit to those who can arrive on the afternoon of the beginning of camp. If you arrive at an odd time you will need to get an Uber or Lyft.

We cannot provide rides from the Kona Airport, which is a 3 hour drive, one way. If you must come in to Kona, please plan to rent a car or have a friend pick you up.

Weather: Typically changeable. Expect hot to cold and wet to dry. Mostly wet.

What to Bring Essentials: A flashlight, tent, sleeping bag and pad, extra blankets for cold nights, sunscreen, sunglasses, cool clothes for hot days, warm clothes for possible cold weather, easy to carry water bottle, personal back jack or chair. Sheets and blankets are available for rental if needed and reserved in advance. Keep in mind that the airlines charge for each checked bag now.

Optional Items: Musical instruments, outrageous clothing for dressing up and dance parties.

Personal Foods: There will be limited room for personal food in one refrigerator and some coolers. You will have access to a Personal Foods Kitchen (PFK) during camp. Our menu is omnivore with focus on organic and humanely raised. We provide a rich variety of dishes to cover the various dietary needs of today's health issues, but we are not able to cater to all special diets. Please list special requirements on the registration form and our kitchen coordinator will reach out to you as needed. There will be several town trips for special needs grocery shopping. Bring extra cash to cover your requests.

Leave at Home: Alcohol or recreational drugs, valuables of any sort, pets of any make or size.

Creating Conscious Community-                                                        

 New Culture Hawaii Spring Camp

Come join us for 7 days of vibrant immersion

in our community lifestyle!

April 26-May 2nd, 2023   Big Island, Hawaii

Application open! No payment due now.

Come early for our Sacred Touch Retreat! April 21-23

Have you ever dreamed of

living in a land based community/ family/ tribe 

where folks are living simply, co-owning land and sharing power, 

and growing wonderful organic food? 

The members of La'akea Community on the Big Island of Hawaii invite you to an intensive, skill building, really fun New Culture camp to help you learn the skills to create more land based, live-in communities in your area.                                       

The members here wanted the same things!  We found each other at Network for New Culture Summer camp, worked together to buy a 23 acre piece of land on the Big Island, and have co-created La'akea Permaculture Community ( successfully since 2004. 

Come join us for 7 days, six nights of profound, deeply safe and nurturing connection with each other. Give your heart, talent, knowledge and goodwill to the weaving of a beautiful tapestry of communal experience. With workshops around relationship, self-care, healthy sensuality, communication and healing modalities, the aim of our rich program is toward the health and self-actualization of the individual and the collective. 

Our program complements knowledge-sharing with intuitive experiences like music jams, Tantra pujas, cuddle puddles, excursions off the land, and dance.

This program pivots around a daily community-wide practice of sharing and being seen called forum(out of ZEGG community in Germany). The practice of forum--in tandem with the diversity of individual experiences--carries the group into an energetic that is ever more interconnected and potent. In this energetic, we are increasingly able to be fed by the magic of each experience and by the moments and spaces between.

We welcome you to a life-changing experience and hope to see you here. 

Access Program Details after you register and pay.

This is a great time to come meet our members, ask questions about community and get a peek into our daily life.  Come see and feel how we do it!

It will be a great chance to meet like minded people, and build close connections.

And of course, play in the wonderful openhearted atmosphere of a Hawaii New Culture Camp!  And enjoy the lush tropical rainforest, nearby warm pools, etc.

Teaching Staff will include:

Amara Karuna, Tracy Matfin, Aniko Willoughby, Biko Long and many more!  

Do you have something to offer? 

Dance, communication skills, games....? 

Apply to be a presenter! 

Application details:  We will be taking applications since we expect to have more interest than we have space.

Cost is $650 -850 sliding scale

Fill out the Participants Application 

including food and lodging in tents or dorms.  Limited private housing is available for extra cost.

Adults over 18 welcome.

Space is limited, so please apply early.  

More about La'akea:

We are a committed group of people working together closely as a means to health, relationship vitality, economic stability, personal and spiritual growth. We integrate the social aspects of sustainability into daily life: how to live together with honesty, love and peace, and share power and leadership. 

We do not have one central leader, but instead share the cost of the land and the leadership equally.  We are poly friendly, and over half of us are actively and successfully polyamorous.

We have 9 adult members and more potential members.  We welcome visitors, give tours, and are open to new members.  Especially New Culture folks!


We live in one of nature's most amazing places, surrounded by mountains, oceans, dense jungle and black sand beaches. We are a short drive from the active volcano and the fresh lava fields. Our visitors enjoy exploring the many unique features of this land, and the cultural activities nearby. Our organic farm practices tropical permaculture in our lush rainforest climate. We bought our land in 2005 and currently grow a large portion of our food.

We are growing many kinds of fruits and nuts, and have extensive gardens and greenhouses, taro beds and orchards. We keep bees, chickens, rabbits and sheep who are our natural lawn mowers in addition to providing us with food and fertilizer. Our electricity comes from solar photovoltaic panels, and our water is from a rainwater catchment system. We value alternative and sustainable building techniques.

Please visit us at 

Our Cancellation Policy:

Substitutions of attendees may be made at any time.  Attendees must cancel by midnight, Hawaii time, March 20, 2023 to receive a full refund minus $25 processing fee. Cancellation requests received after March 20, 2023 or failure to appear for the camp will result in forfeiture of the entire course fee, unless we can fill your spot. 

The exception to this is the Covid refund policy, which states if you cancel in the last week because of a confirmable case of COVID, you can get all your money back if we can fill your spot, or half if we can't.

Cancellation requests must be received by email to Tracy at You are responsible for ensuring that we receive your written request. We will reply by email with a written acknowledgement. Cancellation refunds will be completed via check or Paypal. 

New Culture Hawaii reserves the right to cancel or reschedule events at any time. This is very unlikely to happen, as the camp is usually overfull, but it could happen due to COVID restrictions. A sufficient enrollment decision will be made by March 20th 2022. If New Culture Hawaii cancels or reschedules the event due to low enrollment, weather, or unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of new Culture Hawaii, you are entitled to a full refund, but New Culture Hawaii is not responsible for travel arrangements, travel fees, or any expenses incurred by you as a result of such cancellation. However, you may be able to join us for a smaller group experience during that time.

If New Culture Hawaii cancels an event is which you have registered, you will be contacted at the email address you provide when registering, so please be sure to provide a valid email address.