"A recurring theme of mine is to help establish a society that will last a thousand years. The only way I see this as possible is through revisiting human values and interactions through a lens of belonging rather than owning. Through deep interpersonal alliance and unflinching honesty." K Jacobson.


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Creating Conscious Community-                                                         New Culture Hawaii Camp

Come join us for 4 days of vibrant immersion

in our community lifestyle!

Jan 14-18, 2021

Big Island, Hawaii

 See the Program!

Have you ever dreamed of

living in a land based community/ family/ tribe 

where folks are living simply, co-owning land and sharing power, 

and growing wonderful organic food? 

Have you wished there could be a group of people who were politically aware, egalitarian, tantra and poly friendly, skillful in emotional work and communication skills, motivated and hard working, fun loving and into really creating family together? 

The members of La'akea Community on the Big Island of Hawaii invite you to an intensive, skill building, really fun New Culture camp to help you learn the skills to create more land based, live-in communities in your area.                                       

The members here wanted the same things!  We found each other at Network for New Culture Summer camp, worked together to buy a 23 acre piece of land on the Big Island, and have co-created La'akea Permaculture Community (www.permaculture-hawaii.com) successfully since 2004. 

We invite you all to join us for 4 days of special trainings that give a sampling of some of the ways we relate to the land and each other, all led by experienced teachers.


This is a great time to come meet our members, ask questions about community and get a peek into our daily life.  Come see and feel how we do it!

It will be a great chance to meet like minded people, and build close connections.

And of course, play in the wonderful openhearted atmosphere of a Hawaii New Culture Camp!  And enjoy the lush tropical rainforest, nearby warm pools, etc.


Teaching Staff will include:

Amara Karuna, Tracy Matfin, Aniko Willoughby, Biko Long, Ruben, Ananda Fischer, Prasad Dittman, and more!  

Registration details: Coming soon!  Registration will open by July 1st.

Cost is $395 early registration,

after Nov 1st regular is $425 for adults,

including food and lodging in tents or dorms.  Limited private housing is available for extra cost.

Only $300 if you also attend New Culture Hawaii Winter Camp!

Limited space for children will be available.  Parents will share childcare, so will miss parts of the program.  Campers will have the option of helping with childcare as part of karma yoga.  Children up to age 13 will pay 1/2 price of adults.

Space is limited to 70 people, so please register in advance.  

More about La'akea:

We are a committed group of people working together closely as a means to health, relationship vitality, economic stability, personal and spiritual growth. We integrate the social aspects of sustainability into daily life: how to live together with honesty, love and peace, and share power and leadership. 

We do not have one central leader, but instead share the cost of the land and the leadership equally.  We are poly friendly, and over half of us are actively and successfully polyamorus.

We have 10 adult members and more potential members.  We welcome visitors, give tours, and are open to new members.  Especially New Culture folks!

Please visit us at www.permaculture-hawaii.com