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Join us for Paradise Afterglow camp!  Jan 14th-17th 2019



Laakea community will offer an extended experience of Winter Camp

by adding 3 additional days of fun and connection!

 A relaxing sensual, connective time, 

reserved only for people who attend the first camp

and want to deepen the experience,

extend our time together, and explore nature!

Paradise Afterglow camp extension will be held at Laakea, and have a focus on relaxation, sensuality and play. This time will help us continue to deepen our connections to each other and with nature. 

Explore the many amazing and unusual natural features of our area! 

We will play on the nearby black sand beach which survived the recent lava flow, visit the local farmers market and enjoy the live Hawaiian music.

 Enjoy our wood fired hot tub and visit the natural steam vent saunas!

We'll have mornings and evenings to enjoy connective classes led by staff, and camper offerings, and continue doing daily forums.  

A short while after Paradise Afterglow, come join us at the

Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience, 

Jan 25-31st, a deeply powerful transformative training in Kona! 

Stick around for another week and catch the Hawaii Tantra Festival, Feb 2-6! 



Staff for Afterglow camp:  so far

Paxus Calta, Shoshanna Crow, Max Rivers, Shezza Walters, Amara Karuna, Miranda Rudegeair, Chris Gongaware, Nathan Marcuzzi, Tracy Matfin,  and more!  



Cost for 9 days: NC WINTER CAMP and AFTERGLOW CAMP: $725-$925 sliding scale

Early-bird discount if registration is paid IN-FULL by Nov 1st, 2018 you can receive a $50 discount! $675-$875 only!



Sampling of Workshops: 

 New Culture and Embodied NVC: A journey into radical acceptance of your own wisdom.

Taught by Max Rivers.

If the Forum “reveals what is hidden,” then Embodied NVC (Non-violent communication) helps reveal the beauty of the wisdom that is hidden there. A foundational principle of NVC is that everything that we say or do is an attempt to get beautiful, life-affirming, universal needs satisfied. However, the sad reality is that our old (existing) culture has defined many of these basic and beautiful needs as bad, sinful, dangerous or just forbidden — creating despair these needs could ever be met! By convincing your conscious mind to reject these needs, we experience them as “triggers” or wounds that we suppress (hide) or lash out (react) in response to, which often leads to discord and disconnection.

These learned ways of reacting tragically tear the fabric of our communities, divorce us from loved ones, and disconnect us from our own truth and wisdom. But the heart’s desires live on beneath all that drama, beautiful and wise. Creating a New Culture that is sustainable requires learning how to translate our ingrained reaction to pain and loss into clear, transparent communications of our deepest truth and wisdom. 

These truths live on in the body. Embodied NVC is a practical process for uncovering the wisdom, learning how to live guided by it, express it in its pure form, and even to hear it in the reactive expression of others. We’ll journey together through exploration of your real-life situations, movement and communication practice of the uncovering, reintegrating and expressing of your own hidden truths. We’ll teach you the skills developed in this new, embodied form of NVC which you can take back into your life, into your most intimate relationships, and to use in this new world culture we are co-creating together.

Into The Body with Nathan Marcuzzi

 Movement, breath work and discussion around empathy & compassion. 

The Art of Tantric/Sensual Massage with Shezza Walters

Learn the art of sensual touch with sensual touch magician Shezza. We begin by connecting deeply with our partner and then getting clear with our boundaries and desires as well as how to communicate them for greater intimacy. Then we will practice the art of touching for our own pleasure, followed by the five elements of touch, and other sensuous techniques. We will use breath sound and movement for greater potency. Allow magic to flow through your hands and your whole body as we dive deep into the healing potency of sensual massage. 

Shezza will be offering her wisdom gained through offering thousands of Tantric massages all over the planet. 

Ideally you will come with a partner as we will work with one person the whole time, but you can also find someone there. 


Tantric Dance with Shezza Walters

Allow your sexual Energy, the most potent force in our body, to dance through you as you connect with yourself and others as the divine. 

We will be moving our bodies, dancing out old patterns while dancing in our dreams. We will move and groove as medicine for ourselves, each other, and the planet. 


Tangible Lingam and Yoni Massage

with Miranda Rudegeair

Come to this workshop to learn a beautiful massage series that can be adapted to create a beautiful experience for your God or Goddess