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Join us for Paradise Afterglow camp!  Feb 15th-18th 2017

Laakea community will offer an extended experience of Winter Camp

by adding 3 additional days of fun and connection!

 A relaxing sensual, connective time, 

reserved only for people who attend the first camp and want to deepen the experience,

extend our time together, and explore nature!

Paradise Afterglow camp extension will be held at Laakea, and have a focus on relaxation, sensuality and play. This time will help us continue to deepen our connections to each other and with nature. 

Explore the many amazing and unusual natural features of our area! 

We will soak in the nearby warm pools and float each other into bliss, visit the local farmers market and enjoy the live Hawaiian music,

 Enjoy our wood fired hot tub and visit the natural steam vent saunas!

We'll have mornings and evenings to enjoy connective classes led by staff, and camper offerings, and continue doing daily forums.  

Staff for Afterglow camp:  so far

Amara Karuna, Kelly Bryson, Layla Centorrino, and Tracy Matfin!  More later! 

Cost for 9 days: NC WINTER CAMP and AFTERGLOW CAMP: $925-$725 sliding scale

Early-bird discount if registration is paid IN-FULL by Dec 20th, 2016 you can receive a $50 discount! $875-$675 only!

Sampling of Workshops: 

 Hawaiian Shamanism, Part Two

with Tracy Matfin

Aloha means a lot more than “hello” and “goodbye”.  Aloha is the essence of maintaining love and light in your life. Following the adventurer style of shamanism this workshop explores several Hawaiian concepts which increase connection.  Part two will be a field trip to McKenzie Park where we will embody our connections to the elements.  These principles have been elemental to my own personal growth and I am excited to share them with you! 

Conscious Connecting - Mammal Style

with Layla

A fun filled time to gather, play, explore and drink of the gifts of being in a body! With games, movement and contact improv, presence and sacred space we will explore ways of connecting that are safe, unexpected and enjoy our time together as a joyful expression in Celebration of our Aliveness! 

Intimate Transparency - Sarah Taub

“Transparency” in human relationships means openness and the lack of hidden agendas – “what you see is what you get.”  When we have intense feelings, sometimes it is difficult to communicate our thoughts, feelings, and desires in a way that others can appreciate and understand.  It can even be challenging to articulate these to ourselves.  This workshop focuses on the skillset of becoming transparent about our needs, desires, fears, hopes and dreams in a way that is truly effective and promotes closeness rather than separation.  We will explore and practice how transparency relates to self-discovery, communication skills, emotional challenges, and nurturing our relationships. 

A Dessert Pleasure Party!  with Tracy Matfin 

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